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The draw for divers at Trestle Creek is the 2 train cars that ended up in the lake and are at recreational depths.  The lake elevation is listed at 2050', so keep that in mind for your dive profile.

The story I have heard and seen posted most is that they are coal cars and ended up ing the lake after the bank fell away in 1919.  I also saw one site that simply said they had been there since 1904.  I have searched all the ways I can think of online to find more information, but it all seems to be the same information being repeated like I am doing here.  If anyone has a link or any other information, I would like to receive it. 

The two cars are open top and sitting upright.  The top of the first car sits at about 85', with the bottom of the second car sitting at about 112'.  There is a line from the shore that runs down to the first car.  The second car sits about 20' away and there is a line running between them.  

I recently saw a report of a 3rd car sitting slighty deeper, but do not have any first hand information on it.  It is also been said there may be more cars and an engine as well.  If so, they are probably quite deep as there is a pretty steep slope there. 

Here is the main sign to the entrance of the area.

Staying to the left will take you to the boat launch and parking area. 

There is ample parking, even for larger vehicles with trailers, since there is a boat ramp.  

There are several picnic tables and a grassy area.

Here you can see the boat launch.  On the shore out along the lake you can see a large pine.  That is one of your reference points.  If you surface swim close to the tree you will see 2 orange signs along the tracks.  If you descend between the signs to about 10', you will see a stick with some white rope wrapped around it leading down.  Follow this rope to the wreck.

On this dive I shot an SMB from the upper car.  This picture was taken from the end of the dock and you can see the SMB surfaced inline with the small island.

If you choose to do a compass heading dive to the cars vs following the line, I would suggest shooting a heading off the right side of the island.  Once you descend to 85-90', depending on water level, turn left (toward shore).  Maintain that depth and you should find them.   

Here is a picture of the line you will follow down.  This picture was taken at about 45', and there is still a bit of ambient light.  

Once you drop below about 70', it becomes extremely dark. 

At about 85-90' (depending on water level) you should find the upper car.  The left side still has the frame but the side is missing on the first half of the car.  The right side is intact. 

The left side of the upper car is in pretty poor shape.

Here is the lower part of the first car.  The second car is in similar condition.

The wood is in amazing shape considering it has been in the water about 100 years.

Things to consider:

Since this is a lake, it is very easy to silt out the area.  Good finning technique is a must.

The water temperature is generally in the 40's at depth.

It is dark, and I do mean dark, once you drop below about 70'.  I strongly suggest a good light. 

The lake elevation is listed at 2050', so keep that in mind for your dive profile.