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The draw to this site is the fact you get to dive in an abandoned missile silo.  Other then being flooded, one of the nice things about this site is all the structure left behind.  Most of the decommissioned sites are completely stripped so there is little to see.  Since this one had flooded, the cost of salvage was too expensive so they left a lot. 

Here is the place that has a contract to dive the site, Undersea Adventures.  There are several good websites that talk about this dive, here is just one that I found, NW divers

Here is the entrance.  It was originally an escape hatch. 

Down the ladder into the hole.  The rope is there to raise and lower heavy items like tanks.

Here is a pic of the "ready room".  Most people just go down the ladder geared up ready to go.  There are 2 benches off to the right to take your gear off and reset up for dive 2. 

You can see the main tunnel that you head down.  There is a layer of dirt in the ready room so you are quickly in waist deep water.

There is a kayak that is used for hauling a single "emergency" stage tank and the fins.

Most of the pics are well lighted from my strobes but there is NO ambient light.  The only light comes from what you are carrying.

The walk in has many changing surfaces.  Here is a transition from steel plate onto a large, ~8" pipe to walk on. 

Here is video of us making the transition shown in the pic above.

Here we are finned up and swimming the last section before the missile bay.  You can see the door at the end of the tunnel. 

Here is what the top of the silo launch doors look like from the outside.

Here is what the underside of the launch doors look like.

Here is video looking up at the launch doors in the second silo. 

Descending down though the framework.

Another shot of the framework.

One of the many examples of things left behind.

There is lots of wiring and power junction boxes left.

Diver approaching one of the catwalks that would have been down around the missile.

Diver exploring one of the control rooms.

Another pic that shows the actual lighting conditions.

This is the entrance to the second silo.  Unlike the first silo this one is at a slight decline so the water level is much higher in the tunnel.  

Old light fixtures.

Eyewash station.

Nozzle for filling the rocket. 

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