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Rickey Point actually has 2 decent spots to dive.  

The first location is in the marina by taking the first right hand turn after you turn on Rickey Point road.  In this location max depth is about 40'.  There is a sailing club that has about 2 dozen mooring sites.  These are a fun dive and can be used to practice navigation.  Along the left bank there are some small rock walls were you can often find crawdads.  If you get much out of the cove you can quickly get into 100' + of water in the main channel.  

The other spot to dive is where the green marker is on the map.  Nice shallow entry with a small "island" to swim around.  Average depth around 50' but again can quickly drop to 100' + if you get out in the channel.  On this side there are some more small rock walls and can usually find some crawdads. 

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