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5-20-2014  I am happy to see some people have been using this site and I have received a few emails/comments on it.  Right now I am full on remodel of my house and building a shop.  This is taking all my time, since we are on a time frame for this project.  Sadly I don't think I will be in the water again until July when we go to HI for 10 days.  After that fire season will probably be in full swing.  Looks like late fall will be the next time for local diving for us.  Once this project is all done you will not be able to keep us out of the water.  

2-15-2014  Sadly I have been dry since going to Bonaire in the end of November.  The EMT class I am teaching ends in the middle of March and plan on getting wet again as soon as possible.  I will be back making more updates as soon as it happens. 

11-26-2013.  Added updates and pic to Higgens Point.  

11-6-2013.  General clean up and review of site.  Added to the Links page.  Added Garfield Bay and Talache Wall pages.  I have not dove either of these sites so just added Google Maps links.  Added some details to Sanders Beach and Higgens Point pages.  Added Old Marcus, Rickey Point, and Daisy Boat Launch. 

10-21-2013 Updated Titan 1 and added Laclede Ferry 

10-14-9-17-13  Added Kings Lake

9-16-13  I know it has been a little while since I updated this site.  I made it out on 2 forest fires for my normal job so did not get to do any diving in the past 2 months.  We just did a quick local dive that I will be posting up some info on soon.  We also have dive training coming up this weekend.  I have a 3 day trip to Seattle planned for diving and the Missile Silo dive planned.  It also looks like a boat is in our near future so that will allow us to get out and explore some more local sites.  

7-17-13  Added depth maps to several lakes.  More to come.

7-9-13 Added to Recent Dives

7-2-13 Started a Links page

          Added to Recent Dives

          Marshall Lake page mostly complete

          Updated Home

          Changed settings in Recent dives to only show 3 dives on each page for people that have slow internet like me

7-1-13 Starting a file called DEI for Dive Emergency Information.  These forms will contain information on the dive site along with forms for collecting information during an incident.  Simply click on the form, it will download, then take it to the dive site with you.  Here is an example of the first one I did for Marshall Lake DEI 

6-23-19 Added to Recent Dives

6-19-13  Filled ABOUT page

6-18-13  Added to Recent Dives


As soon as I get the site set up I will post any updates I do here. 

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