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Dusty D-Light Canister light

The first light I would like to tell you about is the D-Light from Dusty Lights.  We currently own two of these lights, with about 60 dives each on them and could not be happier.  They easily cut through the dark waters of the PNW.  The lights you see Beth or I using in any of the pictures on this site are D-Lights.  We even took them when we went to Maui.  On our 2 boat dives, the people that were teasing us about our "big lights" on the boat sure wanted to hang out with us in the cathedrals.  

Richard is a retired machinist and an active PNW diver.  Several years ago he made a couple lights for himself and when others saw them they wanted them as well.  For many years they were known a Z-light but a Chineese flashlight being imported had the same name.  Richard wanted no confusion between this new light and his quality dive light.  

The light uses a CREE 1200 LED so these things are bright.  They have a single toggle switch that is used for all the settings.  If you use a short toggle it will cycle through High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS.  If you long cycle the toggle it will come back on to the last used setting.  Also when the battery gets too low to run, the light goes into strobe mode.

The light runs on a 5000 mA RC style NiMH battery.  This gives the light a run time of about 2.5 hours on high.  The another nice thing about this style battery is that they are fairly cheep if you want a spare or need a replacement.  Included with the light is the charger.  

Here is the best part about the whole deal, it is only $400 for everything.  You get the light, battery, charger, defuser, and goodman handle.  He does charge less if you choose not to get the goodman.  Shipping is $17.50 in the US.  

Of course his customer service can not be beat.  If you any problems or questions, you will be taken care of.  Here is a link to his Facebook page with all of his contact information,  He is also a regular poster on under the username Dusty2.

If you choose to buy one of these lights, and this page helped make that choice, please let Richard know.  He has offered to help fund this site with a small donation for each light sold based on information from here.  

Here is the complete set up including battery and charger. 

Here is the head.  It is a completely sealed unit with a 5 LED head.  Both of ours have goodman handles on them but they are availble without if you choose to use them a different way. 

Here you can see the double O-ring seal along with the thickness of the canister. 

Here you can see the goodman handle in use.  On the back of the light there is a ring for attaching a bolt snap or other holding device.  

You can also see the defuser cap tethered next to the light.  It makes it easy to get a nice flood light for picture taking.  What works well for us is Beth usually lights up an area while I am snapping shots.

This spring it was announced that there will now be a shorter version made that runs on a Li-po battery pack.  This means same runtime in a smaller package.  I believe price is very similar if not the same.

Pic from Richards site


DRIS 1000
Backup light


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