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The attraction at this site is the sunken ferry.  I did a search for the history and did not find anything, other then the fact there was a ferry crossing.  If anyone has information please let me know so I can post it up here. 

Since this is the Pend Oreille River, this site is seasonal and current sensitive.  We dove it in October so we had good visibility and very calm currents.  We were easily able navigate the site but if you were to stay still you would drift.  One report from another diver was, "When I went there last spring the current was so strong I couldn't let go of the bridge or I wouldn't be writing this!!!"

When the conditions are right this is a great site.  The top of the ferry sits about 10' deep right off the dock, the bottom sits at about 40'.  There were tons of crawdads there and we even saw a fair amount of fish. 

There are rumors of cars and other things that had fallen off the ferry laying along the bottom.  

Here is the parking area with a nice turn around.

Here is the main dock.  The ferry sits directly off the end. 

There are 2 docks at this site. 

Here is the deepest point.

There are lots of large crawdads hanging out.

Swimming up though what used to be some kind of cabin on the deck.

Here is the shallowest point of the deck.  You can just barely make out one of the pilings from the dock in the background. 

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