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On July 5th 2013 we made the trek to Kings Lake based on a report of good visibility and an old homestead underwater.  Sadly we found out this is a lake with only private access to it.  Apparently there are only 2 road access points to the lake.  I am not sure if you are allowed to legally access it by hiking in but the area around the lake would not be good to hike with scuba gear.

As you can see in the map there is a main road with several buildings on the west side of the lake.  From the main road this is labeled as a Forest Service road.  There is also an address sign and a gate.  There were no "private" or "no trespassing" type signs on the gate or at the start of the road.  We decided to grab the camera and walk in since it appeared it could have been a Forest Service work/service area with the style of buildings on the map.  After walking in about 50 yards there were "no trespassing" style signs.  We saw some people about 100 yards up the road so I thought we would take a chance and talk to them.  

The people I met were the owners of the property.  They were very polite.  After explaining why we were there the owner stated that there are only 2 access to the water by road.  Again he was very polite but was not interested in letting anyone have access to the water though his property even only once a year for a "club" dive or such.  He seemed to be pretty sure the other owner felt the same.  I forgot the name on the vehicles but it appears that he owns a medium size construction company.  He did state that the rumor of a homestead is not true, but there are old fish pens at about 50-60 feel deep.  he said the pens are from when the Forest Service use the lake for a hatchery.  

So this sounds like a fun place to dive but unless someone knows how to gain access to this lake it can not be done.

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