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Higgens Point is popular in late fall, usually November, when the Kokanee Salmon spawn.  The dive starts right off the end of the boat ramp then can easily drop down to over 100'.  

I have made 3 dives at this site.  2 were afternoon dives and one night dive.  On the night (about 5pm) the fish were way more active then in the afternoon.  I have heard this reported by others.  Water temp this time of year seems to be about 45F so it may be warmer then the ambient air.

There is ample parking even for large vehicles.

With the time of year this site is popular there is a good chance of getting snowed on. 

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This site does have an outhouse.

Easy walk from the parking lot down the ramp.

This time of year I would not expect to see boats but there are usually a few people fishing.  

Lots of Salmon


Quite a few Trout

Lots of catfish and they love the light.


Even a small Bass

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