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Daisy Boat Launch is one of my go to dive spots.  First off it is very close to my house so it is a quick and convenient to get to.  There is easy access to the water and a fun spot to swim as well because there are some 10'-15' rocks to jump off.  

When you follow the main road down right before you make the hard left turn to go down to the boat launch there is a pull out area under the trees.  This is where I prefer to park and access the water.  It is out of the way of boaters and has a nice short walk to the water.  In this location if you stay to the right there is a large shallow shelf that is less then 15' deep.  If you prefer deeper you can stay to the left and follow the wall.  Depending on water level max depth is about 45' if you stay where you can see the wall.  You can basically follow this all the way around to the boat launch area.  There are a few stumps and things in the water to see.  When you get closer to the boat launch it is not uncommon to see a few crawdads.  

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