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The main draw at Bayview is 2 wrecked boats.  The first boat is located at the end of the dock.  There is a line runs between the first and second larger boat.  I do not know any history on either wreck, and have only dove this site one time so far.

While it is not saltwater, another nice thing about this site is there is lots of "stuff" to look at under the docks.  Most of the stuff seems to be years of junk but there are a few interesting old items.  

This is a good dive for most people as there are things to see.  The depth you will hit going to both boats is about 60-65' (depending on the water level).  There are lots of reference points.  

The lake elevation is listed at 2050', so keep that in mind for your dive profile.

Here is where you first come to the public boat launch.

Just to the left of the boat launch there is an area for oversize parking.  I am sure it gets quite busy during nice weather.

There is a little grassy area and 2 tables there.  

Here you can see the start of the path on the left side of the ramp.

The path leads down to an area out of the way of the boats.  It is a nice pebbled beach with a gentle slope.  There is plenty of room to gear up and do your buddy checks, without being in the way of anyone else.  

While you can exit on the boat ramp, the concrete was very slippery.  Use extreme caution if you choose to do this. 

Lots of factors will determine where you want do descend.  Generally people surface swim along the boat houses out to the brown one and desced. 

From the brown boat house it takes a few minutes of finning along the dock to find the first boat.  

From the first boat to the second takes about 8-10 minutes of moderate finning.  You are following a line over a silty bottom with nothing to see along the way.  

The first boat sits on the bottom at the corner of the 2 docks.  

If you have a high SAC rate or small tank, you might consider surface swimming to the corner before you descend.  This way you will have enough air to reach both boats. 

Here is a picture of the second boat.  I only had a moment to take a couple quick pictures on this dive.

This old wood stove is just one of the many interesting things you can find. 

Things to consider:

Since this is a lake, it is very easy to silt out the area.  Good finning technique is a must.

There are lots of hazards at this site.  If you are under the docks, you have an over head environment.  There are lots of hanging lines, pipes, powerlines, ect.  There are tires, barrels, batteries, boat parts, ect laying all around the site.

The lake elevation is listed at 2050', so keep that in mind for your dive profile.