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Hi my name is John.  I live in the inland part of the PNW.  There is a lot of water and some of it is more fun to dive the others.  Of course we have the west cost that has amazing saltwater sites with all kinds of life.  Most of these sites are very well documented so my focus is not on them.  When I do dive them I will add them to this site as time allows.

For those of us inland, while there is a lot of water, unless you have a specific site, there is not much to see in most of it.  There is not much life in fresh water like there is in saltwater.  Many freshwater places, all there is to see is barren open spaces of mud, sand or silt.  Since there are not as many active divers inland, there is very little documentation on these sites.  

As a new diver I felt frustrated trying to find detailed information on fun places to dive.  I would hear or read about dive sites but could find little to no information about them.  I wanted specifics about how to get to the sites and where and how to locate the cool things to see.  Another thing I wanted was detailed pictures of the entry points, since some of these sites have very limited or narrow access.  

I thought I would start this site (5-29-13) to help others that were in my position.  My plan is to get the best information I can about many sites in the PNW for eveyone to share.  As I improve this site, I will included known risks at each site and a medical/rescue plan.  While I will detail all the sites I have dove, my primary focus is on inland diving.  If others have infomation on sites and would like them listed here, I would be more then happy to add them.

If you any comments or suggestions for this website please let me know.        

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